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Top 8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends in 2022

Christmas gift ideas for friends


Secret Santa is a fun way to make gifting more interesting on Christmas eve. The festive season is close, and if you want to partake in this tradition, pull up your socks and find the ultimate adore-worthy presents by reading through our blog on Christmas gift ideas for friends. 

In this article, we are sharing a few exciting Christmas gift ideas for friends that you can shop online on Lifestyle Stores. So make the most of our recommendations and get your hands on the top gifts for girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend.

Christmas Gifts For Male Friends

It can sometimes be tricky to find unique Xmas gifts for friends, especially for men, owing to the limited number of options. However, with that said, you no longer have to worry as we have got you covered with a bundle of interesting Christmas gift ideas for friends to make them jolly. 

1. Hooded Jacket

SPYKAR Men Colour Blocked Hooded Puffer Jacket - Christmas gift ideas for friendsClick here to buy SPYKAR Men Colour-Blocked Hooded Puffer Jacket

We cannot emphasise how good a hoodie can be as a gift for your friends. They are warm, comfortable and classically stylish, allowing one to elevate any basic outfit. You can buy puffer or bomber hooded jackets as they rank on the top for best gift ideas for boyfriend or boy best friends. Your friends can style hoodies over a pair of ripped blue denim jeans and a white vest along with boots. 

2. T-shirts 

KAPPA Men Colourblocked Regular Fit Polo T-shirt - Christmas gift ideas for friendsClick here to buy KAPPA Men Colourblocked Regular Fit Polo T-shirt

T-shirts can be wonderful Secret Santa gifts for friends, especially men, as they can be worn regularly. You can give three different styles and colours of T-shirts to give men a unique palette to play with when styling an outfit according to their personality. You can shop for red, green and white shade tees as these colours are reminiscent of Christmas fashion

3. Backpacks

AMERICAN TOURISTER Men Printed Laptop Backpack with Cover - Christmas gift ideas for friendsClick here to buy AMERICAN TOURISTER Men Printed Laptop Backpack with Cover

For storing gadgets like phones, tabs, laptops, you can gift your friends a backpack that will keep these items organised. Additionally, bags are among the best men’s accessories when travelling and styling an outfit. At Lifestyle Stores, you will find the best brands that offer premium quality backpacks. 

4. Sneakers

UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Men Solid Sneakers - Christmas gift ideas for friendsClick here to buy UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Men Solid Sneakers

Casual footwear plays a significant role in uplifting a man’s wardrobe as well as offering top-notch comfort. Therefore, sneakers can be one of the most suitable Christmas presents for friends. If you have such a best friend who is a shoe fanatic, you can shop for gift shoes from top sneaker brands available exclusively on Lifestyle Stores. 

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Christmas Gifts For Female Friends

There is a wide range of presents for women. Here are some of the best Christmas gift ideas for female friends that you can shop for online.

1. Festive Wear

CODE Women Sequinned Sleeveless Fit and Flare Dress - Christmas gift ideas for friendsClick here to buy CODE Women Sequinned Sleeveless Fit and Flare Dress

If you have a girl best friend, you can give her a cute outfit that matches the magnetic energy of the festive season. Sequin dresses, embellished jumpsuits, knitted cardigans and more, are some of the cutest Christmas gifts for friends. If you or your girl gang are looking for Christmas outfit ideas, you can browse our previous blog post to dazzle in a party look.  

2. Makeup 

LAKME Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow PaletteClick here to buy LAKME Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette

Many women are passionate about beauty and makeup. If your girl best friend shares a similar interest, you can buy her cosmetics. You can shop from her favourite brand or a specific product she loves. This will surely melt her heart and make her day merrier. Dive into Lifestyle’s wide range of makeup products to find and shop for gifts. You can also browse Christmas makeup ideas to try some new looks with your best friend. 

3. Vanity Box

GINGER Women Floral Print Vanity CaseClick here to buy GINGER Women Floral Print Vanity Case

Many women love shopping for makeup, accessories and skincare. To help your shopaholic best friend store all such items in place at home and for travelling, you can get her a vanity bag or pouch. It is one of the most thoughtful and functional Christmas gift ideas for friends, especially women. 

4. Necklace and Earrings Set

ESTELE Women Embellished Necklace SetClick here to buy ESTELE Women Embellished Necklace Set

Jewels are women’s best friends as they can transition their casual outfits into a style statement. They are among the top Christmas gift ideas for friends as jewellery is one of the best women’s accessories to dazzle up in any attire, be it casual or party wear. Shop for a set consisting of a delicate pendant necklace and earrings. You can find dozens of designs on Lifestyle stores. 

The tradition of Secret Santa is intriguing and fun. If you are organising or being a part of one, this compilation of Christmas gift ideas for friends will guide you to get the best presents. Shop these recommendations on Lifestyle Stores beforehand to avoid a last-minute rush. 


Which gift is best for close friends?

Here are a few suggestions to get the best gift for your close friend. These presents are suitable for any occasion such as birthdays and anniversaries plus they can also be used as wedding or greeting gifts. 

  1. A rich and aromatic perfume
  2. A skincare or grooming kit

What presents to get for a friend?

While personal tastes and choices play a significant role in making such a choice, you should always give thought to what he/she already wants to buy. Listed below are some other wonderful ideas.

  1. Jazzy Smartwatches
  2. Stylish bags
  3. Cool sunglasses 

What can I gift to my friend?

Below are some Christmas gift ideas for friends in 2022:

  1. Ethnic Wear – Kurtas, pyjamas and palazzos
  2. Casual Outfit – Jeans, jackets and t-shirts
  3. Accessories – Shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories
  4. Essentials – Skincare and Bodycare

What can be gifted to a girl?

Apart from the above mentioned Christmas gift ideas for friends, you can get the following items:

  1. A complete makeup kit that consists of eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, blush, etc.
  2. A pair of classy high heels to elevate in a casual, formal or party look.  
  3. A stylish handbag to style on different outfits.

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Ayush Kothari
Ayush Kothari
2 years ago

I am going to participate in Secret Santa, and this amazing blog on Christmas gift ideas for friends has undoubtedly helped me find fantastic presents for my buddies.

devika Gandhi
devika Gandhi
2 years ago

We are having a secret santa in our office and I was running out of Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends , This blog helped me with some great suggestions of gifts!

2 years ago

The ideas mentioned in this blog are just so good! I can suggest this blog to all my guys friend who find difficult to pick Best Gift For Girlfriend in Christmas!

Shray Gupta
Shray Gupta
2 years ago

I found this blog quite insightful; It has the best Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends. In addition, this blog eased my work & helped me choose the best secret Santa gift from my office colleague.

Disha Shetty
Disha Shetty
2 years ago

Wow! this is a really good and helpful blog article. I got my friends a bunch of presents for this Christmas eve after getting tempted by the Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends given here. The gifts were delivered on time, and their quality was also pretty good.

Godson Fernandes
Godson Fernandes
2 years ago

This blog literally saved my day!. I was so clueless about what to gift my girlfriend. I am thankful that I found this elegant jewellery piece for her, and hands down, that is one of the best gift for girlfriend in Christmas.