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Top 10 Gifts for your Girlfriend that are sure to charm in 2022


We are only a few days away from the most romantic date on the calendar. And gifts make for a great add on to grand plans, including a candle-light dinner at your soulmate’s favourite restaurant or a romantic Skype call.  We cannot deny the significant planning that goes into finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend and understand the stress that follows. 

Set all your panic aside because we are here to answer all your prayers. We have listed some of our top gifts for girlfriends to create the most wholesome experience for her. Leave her speechless with an exciting gift from our list and make this one of the most memorable days of her life. But before we proceed, let us provide some clarity as to how you can shop for the perfect gift for her.

A Guide To Purchasing the Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Girlfriend

Before we dive deep into the items that are worthy of gifting, here is are a few shopping tips worth looking into:

  1. Have a Budget in Mind: A fixed budget can help you make a quicker decision when purchasing the best Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend. It will allow you to buy the best item that your budget lets you explore.
  1. Take into Account Her Preferences: No matter who the gift is for, always make an assessment based on what they like and dislike. Anyone wishes to give a gift that the recipient will enjoy using.
  1. Sizing is Key: If you are going for a clothing piece to gift your girlfriend, make sure you know her size. Sneak into her closet and see what size of clothing she purchases most often or check with her friends.
  1. Utility: Always ensure the top gifts for your girlfriend will be of some use to her. We feel a gift must have some purpose in her life for it to be worthy of giving. You don’t want to give her something that will lay in her closet with no purpose.

Top Ten Best Things to Buy Your Girlfriend

To melt her heart, here is our list of the top ten best presents for your girlfriend:

1. Top Gifts for Girlfriends No.1 – For the Girlfriend that Loves to Experiment with Trends


If you’re dating someone that loves to experiment and is uninhibited with her style choices, we recommend using the ‘Shop By Occasion’ option on the Lifestyle Stores website. This category page will lead you to several ensembles that match the current trends with T-shirts, dresses, ethnic wear, tops, bottoms and much more. 

Among the more popular trends of 2021, ruffled tops, padded shoulders, ruching, smocking and wide-leg pants will be the most celebrated ones as predicted by various online surveys. Opt for florals as the colour palette will be ideal for wearing in the spring-summer season.

2. Top Gifts for Girlfriends No.2- For the Girlfriend that Cannot Stop Wearing Your Clothes 


Let us assume that your girlfriend is into oversized clothing or prefers masculine clothes. In that case, we highly recommend picking out comfortable hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, blazers, and boyfriend jeans that perfectly play into the oversized vibe. Make the gift more appealing by spraying it with her favourite fragrance to be a constant reminder that you chose it for her. It would be wise to purchase a more fitted piece to match with the oversized clothing item and complete the gift.

3. Top Gifts for Girlfriends – For the Girlfriend that is Obsessed with Skincare

Nothing is of more importance than healthy and glowing skin for women. One cannot deny the need for a healthy skincare routine with quality products. Many work toward preserving the glow of the skin and slow down its ageing. Here are a few items you can consider gifting her from Lifestyle Stores:


  • Facial Care Oils: Maintaining skin elasticity is a great way to keep wrinkles at bay. Hence, it is recommended to invest in a face oil designed for a particular skin type. 
  • Sheet Masks: Allow her to detox and relax over a Sunday by gifting her facial sheet masks that target different skin concerns. 
  • Night Routine Skin Care Products: Lifestyle Stores also offer other skincare items including, de-pigmentation creams, hydrating night creams, and face serums. 
  • Foaming Soaps: Pick out 100% vegan soap bars that perform the dual-task of cleansing and allowing the skin to relax.

4. Top Gifts for Girlfriends – For the Girlfriend that Values Jewellery


Whether your girlfriend wears high-neck blouses, low-cut dresses or crew-neck tops, layered necklaces paired with some pearl beaded earrings can instantly elevate the look. Get her up to speed with the trend by picking out the multi-strand necklaces from the Lifestyle Stores collection. Consider picking out pendant necklaces with embellished hearts, pearls and intricate beads as they are known for their eye-catching appeal.

5. Top Gifts for Girlfriends – For the Girlfriend that Cannot Step Out without Sunglasses


Gift her a pair of classic sunglasses that can uplift just about any outfit without much effort. Pick out branded sunglasses for ladies in a classic design such as a cat-eye frame that she can style for weekend brunches, beach vacations, destination weddings and any other special events. Explore the world of sunnies in a large variety of styles from the 90’s inspired vintage design range and many more on Lifestyle Stores.

6. Top Gifts for Girlfriends – For the Girlfriend that Loves to Smell Good 


A wonderful fragrance can instantly uplift her mood before starting the day. But first, learn what type of perfume your girlfriend likes? Does she like floral, fruity, woody or spicy scents? Ask her in a conversation or bring it up subtly, so she doesn’t get a hint. 

Keep an eye on the perfume packaging as its visual appeal will determine her first impression. You could choose from popular brands including Burberry, Calvin Klein, EMBARK, BVLGARI etc.

7. Top Gifts for Girlfriends – For the Girlfriend that Cannot Stop Hoarding Lipsticks


When asked what one makeup essential women cannot live without, lipsticks always make it to the list. The makeup product can instantly make it appear as though hours went into creating a particular look when it only took a few seconds to apply. If your girlfriend has a liking for lipsticks, the Lifestyle Stores online website houses many high-end and drugstore brands that are quite affordable. 

You can explore some of the top brands for lipsticks such as Loreal, Maybelline, Chambor, Lakme, My Glamm and much more at the store. We would suggest picking out a bright, bold red liquid lipstick as it is the most comfortable formula that is easy to apply and lasts all day long.

8. Top Gifts for Girlfriends  – For the Girlfriend that Loses Track of Time


Is your girlfriend a working professional and barely finds the time to catch up with you? We highly suggest getting her classic timepieces from renowned brands such as Fossil, Kenneth Cole, Micheal Kors, GIORDANO, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and more that she can wear to work to keep track of time. The current watch trends emphasise picking up styles that feature rose gold plating, linked chains, and minimalistic dials studded with rhinestones. 

9. Top Gifts for Girlfriends – For the Girlfriend that is Fitness Obsessed 


Considering how much emphasis is placed on looking and feeling fit, your girlfriend may be conscious about maintaining a daily workout routine or follow a balanced diet. In that case, a fitness band or a silicone smartwatch would be the ultimate gift that would undoubtedly make her Valentine’s day. You can purchase some of the best fitness bands by visiting the Lifestyle Store app or online store. Opt for designs that offer moisture-wicking, are water-repellent and can be charged quickly.

10. Top Gifts for Girlfriends – For the Girlfriend that Loves to Travel in Style 


We are sure your girlfriend has a peculiar taste when it comes to handbags as most women do. She may be a lover of a tote bag, a canvas bag, a structured design or a cross-body style. This women’s accessory is no longer a utility but a necessity from a social standpoint. 

Whether it is a wedding, a high-profile formal event or a simple day out with friends, handbags are the ultimate accessories that can entirely elevate an outfit. You can explore some best handbags brands, including Caprese, Guess, BAGGIT, TONIQ, Lavie and many more on Lifestyle Stores.

Discover Top Ten Gifts for Your Girlfriend with Lifestyle Stores 

Finding the perfect gift for your Valentine may seem challenging at first, but we assure you that our detailed guide will bring an end to all your worries. You can ease your concerns further by choosing to purchase a Lifestyle E-Gift Card. It is delivered over email completely eliminating physical cards as well as providing instant gratification.

Hit the Lifestyle Stores app, website or store to explore the latest trends the brand has to offer. Consider placing an order online so that you can easily ask for a replacement or return without any hassles. Enjoy other perks such as prompt deliveries, season discounts, and a highly responsible customer-care team that will do everything to enhance your online shopping experience.

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your girlfriend with a unique item from our list of top gifts for girlfriends. Get registered today and never run out of gifting options for your lady love again.

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Shray Gupta
Shray Gupta
2 years ago

The above shared top gifts for girlfriend are pretty thoughtful ideas. After going through the blog, I gifted my girlfriend a handbag from Caprese.

Ritvik Khanna
Ritvik Khanna
2 years ago

This article became my saviour as I was recently looking for gifts to give my girlfriend at her graduation. I always knew that there were so many options, but this list of top gifts for girlfriend is really helpful to narrow down the options. A shoutout to the author for making my life easy 🙂