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Top Jeans Brands in India for Men and Women

Top Jeans brand in India

As fashion keeps on changing, newer trends are developed. Your wardrobe keeps getting a makeover every decade, and your clothes keep getting replaced with whatever is in trend. However, one apparel that has been a constant in most of the wardrobes, throughout the years, is the ever-fashionable – Jeans. We bring you some best brands of jeans in India.

From bottom flares to ripped, jeans have undergone through some pretty vast changes.  But it still continues to be a crowd favourite.

They say, with proper care, a pair of quality jeans would last anywhere between five to ten years. So, it only makes sense to invest in top-quality jeans from dependable brands. Hence, after a thorough analysis, we have curated a list of top jeans brands in India to make your shopping experience a breeze.

Types of Jeans Every Wardrobe should have

But before we dive into the list of top jeans brands in India, here are some options that we feel should be present in every person’s wardrobe:

1. Skinny-fit type jeans

Skinny Jean are ideal for people who have a lean body structure as these jeans stick to the shape of your body, contouring them almost perfectly. It fits snugly on the hips and thighs and then narrows down, to give an impression of longer and slimmer legs. 

2. Bootcut jeans

Bootcut Jeans as the name suggests, are specially designed to accommodate the cowboy boots. Ideal for men with a muscular build, these jeans are flared up at the bottom.

3. Relaxed cut jeans

Relaxed cut jeans are one of the most comfortable jeans available in the market. They are neither too slim nor too flared up, so they look great on almost all body types. 

  • If you are looking for a versatile pair of jeans, then the classic types of levi’s jeans are your best bet. They can either be dressed up or down as per the occasion.
  • The latest trend currently, owning distress or ripped jeans is a great way of adding an edgy look to your wardrobe. The best thing about these jeans is that you could either pair them up with a t-shirt for a casual look or you could upscale the look with a leather jacket.

Top 10 Jeans Brands in India

  1. Allen Solly


First up on our list of top jeans brands in India is the clothing brand, Allen Solly. It was founded in 1744, but it was later acquired in 2001 by Aditya Birla group. The brand played a pivotal role in bringing the semi-formal fashion to India. They are quite famous for the range of options they have in jeans. From rugged to stone washed slim fit jeans, they have got everything. 

A masterful blend of youthful imagination and professional work, Allen Solly has been swiftly progressing over the past decade, making it one of the top jeans brands in India.

  1. Celio


Next up on our list of top jeans brands in India is Celio. It was founded in 1985 by Marc and Laurent Grosman and has become the top clothing brands in India for men with time. From tapered to dark washed jeans, it does a great job at integrating both vintage fashion and modern trends. 

Their impressive collection of joggers is made up of tough yet soft fabrics that, if taken proper care of, would last you a long time. Their jeans are crafted to perfection to offer both superior fit and impeccable style. 

  1. Aéropostale


The next brand to make our list of top jeans brands in India is Aeropostale. Founded in 1973, Aéropostale, also called AERO, has a focused selection of high-quality apparel that fits every budget. It has several options to choose from, such as skinny, slim fit, bootcut, tapered jeans, washed, and so on. The brand has a global presence with more than 900 stores across 50 countries. 

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Renowned for innovation, top-notch quality and customer satisfaction, it offers a wide variety of products for both men as well as women’s clothing. This brand is also famous for its other accessories such as t-shirts, jackets as well as colognes. Trendy designs with quality craftsmanship are what makes Aéropostale one of the best jeans brands in India.  

  1. Arrow Sport


One of the more upscale brands on our list of top jeans brands in India is Arrow Sport because of its stylish looks and admirable fit. The classy jeans brand carry an “A” signature at the back, giving it an instantly recognizable look. You would get some great quality jeans at compelling prices because this brand ranges from mid-range to premium pricing. 

You will find these jeans to be extremely durable and long-lasting. The highlight of these jeans is that they are available in all sizes with a vast range of designs and types. Whatever, your requirements are, these jeans would fit your bill. With the latest cuts and styles, Arrow Sport is quickly becoming one of the top jeans brands in India.

  1. Blackberrys Urban


A homegrown clothing brand, Blackberrys Urban, was established in 1991 and mainly caters to men’s clothing. The brand believes in regularly revamping their collections with trendier styles to attract the millennial generation. From relaxed fit to towel wash, this brand has jeans for every occasion.

Its mantra of ‘Keep Rising’ can be seen across all their endeavours, from their products to their stores, everything has been designed to create a unique brand experience and achieve customer satisfaction. Their collection is specially designed to fit in your wardrobe effortlessly and offer unbeatable style. Not only that, they are available at the most affordable prices, which when added to their durability makes up for an exciting option.

Also, you should not face any issues with the fitting of this jeans brand as there are multiple sizes and options available.

  1. Bossini


Founded in 1987, Bossini has a total of more than 600 franchised stores spread across through 40 countries. Trendy design, impeccable fit, and quality material have made Bossini one of the most sought-after clothing brands. They have a comprehensive collection of types of jeans for men, suitable for every body type. One can find a similarly versatile collection of jeans for women that goes with every occasion.

The brand has paid detailed attention to quality and customer satisfaction to increase its popularity. Designed keeping in mind the comfort of the masses, these jeans are available at super affordable prices. Not only are these jeans designed with eye-catching designs, but they are also stitched in a way that ensures long-lasting durability.

  1. Colorplus


Stylishly comfortable, these are two words that define Colorplus. Set up in 1993, Colorplus was focussed on the premium formal wear segment, but now it offers the complete range of clothes that can fill up a wardrobe. From stonewashed to tapered, they have a wide collection of jeans for men that are suitable for all body types.

Oozing class and elegance, Colorplus jeans are one of the top jeans brands in India with contemporary designs for the discerning gentleman. If you are looking out for jeans that would make you stand out in the crowd, be sure to give this brand a look.

  1. Fame Forever


Durable, budget-friendly and chic, these are the adjectives used to define Fame Forever’s jeans. It is one of the top designer jeans brands, with a plethora of options available for both men as well as women. It is one of the more stylish brands out there which has incorporated trendy designs with affordable pricing without compromising on quality.

It mainly focuses on creating new and trendy designs to attract and maintain their customers. Incorporating a proper care regimen, these jeans would last you a long time.

  1. Jack and Jones


A brand which does not need any introduction, Jack and Jones has been one of the pioneers of the clothing industry. Founded in 1990, Jack and Jones are incredibly popular among the masses, especially the younger generation. These jeans are super comfortable and long-lasting, thanks to the precision craftsmanship behind it.

From joggers to anti-fit jeans, Jack and Jones have always been adept at keeping in touch with the latest fashion and trends. Available in several countries, along with many online shopping portals, Jack and Jones is a trendy brand that has captured the attention of youth through its stylish designs.

  1. Lee Cooper


Another brand, whose name speaks for itself, Lee Cooper is one of the most trusted jeans brands across the world. Primarily known for high-quality denim, Lee Cooper also has a wide range of other accessories such as shoes, t-shirts, and bags. Founded in 1908 in London’s East end, Lee Cooper has always been a popular brand among the masses.

A classic mix of the latest trends along with the classic influences, Lee Cooper, has also inherited the pioneering principles of its founder Morris Cooper and invented their own line of denim called the Cooper collection.

So, that is it for our list of top jeans brands in India that you should buy. We hope this article gave you some clarity about the type of jeans and the brand that is best for you. Whichever, brand you go ahead with, we can assure you, you would never regret investing in a quality pair of jeans.

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Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta
2 years ago

Along with best jeans brand, a fantastic article on different styles for men who only wear regular jeans like me. I liked and tried the bootcut jeans with cowboy boots styling tip. It actually looked terrific and stylish.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rahul Gupta
Rita Roberts
Rita Roberts
2 years ago

This blog not just helped me with picking the best jeans brand I should go for, but also helped me know which types of Jeans should I have in my wardrobe.

Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta
1 year ago

This blog gave me so much information about top jeans brands in India as well as the different types that i should have in my wardrobe. Thanks to this blog, now it’ll be easy for me to pick the best jeans for myself.

Shekhar Sinha
Shekhar Sinha
1 year ago

This blog not just covered some of the top jeans brands in India but also talks about the different style and varitey of the same it was quite helpful