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Top Sunglasses Brands for Men you should in 2022


Sunglasses are seen as one of the top fashion accessories that everyone needs. However, many seem to forget that fashion purposes served by sunglasses always come second to the health benefits provided by them. Sunglasses were primarily made as an attempt to shield our eyes from certain visual impairments.

Different techniques have been incorporated into sunglasses to ensure maximum protection for the wearer as we have progressed. While sunglasses are a must-have for people worldwide, it is all the more important for us Indians. India’s tropical climate calls for protection against UV rays, glare, migraines, skin cancer, wrinkles, etc. and sunglasses are here to the rescue.

Some sunglasses trends like aviators, clear sunglasses, colour tinted lenses, and mirrored lenses will never go out of style and their versatility certainly makes them worthy of investment.

Which are the Top Sunglasses Brands?

There are many exceptional sunglasses brands available as they are one of the best men’s accessories as well as women’s. However, since shopping from different stores can be too much of a hassle, Lifestyle stores are your one-stop destination for the top 10 sunglasses brands. Featuring brands such as Ray-Ban, Armani Exchange, Fastrack, Provogue, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. Lifestyle stores offer everything there is to offer when it comes to the most popular sunglasses brands. Listed below are the top brands available in Lifestyle stores:

1. Tommy Hilfiger

TOMMY HILFIGER Men UV-Protected Square Sunglasses

This is one of the best sunglasses brands for men and their UV-protected sunglasses are rivalled by no other. With these sunglasses that come with tinted lenses, you can protect your eyes in style.

2. Ray-Ban

RAY-BAN Men Solid Square Sunglasses

This is easily one of the most popular sunglasses brands in the world. Best known for their polarised and UV-protected sunglasses, you absolutely need to get a pair of these before summer arrives.

3. Provogue

PROVOGUE Men Solid Square Sunglasses

They are quite popular as one of the best sunglasses brands for women and men. Their printed, framed sunglasses are one of a kind and a must-have for any fashion lover. Chic and trendy, you can go for these sunglasses without thinking twice.

How to Choose Sunglasses?

The main thing to focus on while choosing sunglasses is your face shape. Different styles look best on different faces and here’s how to choose the right one for you:

  • Measure: Make sure you have the right measurements of your face. Measure your jawline, cheekbone to cheekbone and face length. This will help you get a clearer idea of what your face shape is.
  • Round Faces: With round faces, there are noticeably less sharp angles visible on the face so you will need glasses that make your face look more angular. Do not go for round glasses if you have a round face as that will only make the roundness of your face more pronounced. If you have a round face, square, rectangle framed glasses will look best on you.
  • Square Faces: For square faces, you will need something to balance out the angles and sharpness. Aviators, oval or round sunglasses do this job perfectly by evening out the effect of your strong curves with their circular angles. These are also great for rectangular or oblong faces.
  • Oval Faces: It is the easiest to pick out sunglasses for oval faces as quite literally everything goes great with them. You just have to make sure you pick out sunglasses proportional to your face, neither too big nor too small. Your sunglasses shape is all about complementing your face shape, not hiding it.


Where Can You Find the Best Sunglasses?

Lifestyle stores are home to the top 10 sunglasses brands and more; so an extensive collection with countless choices is guaranteed. Their website is extremely convenient and allows you to apply multiple filters like price, brand, size, colour family, etc. to find the perfect pair for you. Being extremely easy to use, the website guides you through multiple other products that you can use as gift ideas for husband or as preparation for any upcoming events.

Lifestyle stores offer free shipping on all orders above ₹999 and their shipping policy also lets you select a product online and purchase it from your nearest Lifestyle store. You can locate one near you using their store locator. This option is very well-liked by their customers as this allows you to get a real-time feel of the product before buying it. With discounts of upto 70% off and multiple benefits on various credit cards, there is no place better than Lifestyle stores to buy the best sunglasses, fashion items, best gift ideas for boyfriend, etc. So hurry up and start shopping!

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devika Gandhi
devika Gandhi
2 years ago

I always get confused while investing in best sunglasses brands. This blog is so helpful it has some good suggestions of some top sunglasses brands.

Tanmay Dhawan
Tanmay Dhawan
2 years ago

Have been looking for a good pair of shades to gift my friend. I stumbled on this article about top sunglasses brands & purchased a pair of Ray-ban. He was highly impressed with my choice!

Zeel patel
Zeel patel
1 year ago

As an Indian consumer you are not aware of top Sunglasses Brands I just know the mainstream ones. This article proved to be very useful since I got to know about all the top brands.

Shehnaz Abdul
Shehnaz Abdul
1 year ago

In the summers when the sun is always high you need some sunglasses. And this article has worked well as a guide to buy new sunglasses.

Shagun Mahajan
Shagun Mahajan
1 year ago

Monsoon season is over and I am now in desperate need of sunglasses. Thanks to this article I now know about some of the top sunglasses brands and where to find them.

Amartya Jaiswal
Amartya Jaiswal
1 year ago

I absolutely love sunglasses but most sites and brands I checked did not have styles that I liked. Thanks to this versatile list of top sunglasses brands, I was able to find my faves.