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Top Twenty Best Handbag Brands for Women


An accessory that can make a tremendous difference to an outfit is a good-quality handbag. With Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner rocking some of the most trending runway handbags, these have essentially transformed the fashion game world over. Among the prominent luxury handbag brands, several other local and international labels are changing the handbag game for the modern and traditional Indian women alike.

This women’s accessory is no longer a utility but a necessity from a social standpoint. Whether it is a wedding, a high-profile formal event or a simple day out with friends, handbags are the ultimate accessories that can entirely switch-up the vibe of an outfit.

After a thorough analysis of top handbag brands in India, we have selected the top 20 best ones that we feel the Indian woman can get great use of. But, before we dig deep into the world of luxury handbag brands, here are some handbags that you must have in your wardrobe to keep your life organised whenever you walk out the door.

Must-Have Best Handbag Brands for the Modern-day Woman

Before you plan to buy handbags, here are the bags worth considering:

  • Shoulder bags are ideal if you need an accessible handbag to hold all your daily essentials. These also come with a detachable cross-body handle so that you can secure them to your body and be hands-free.
  • A sling bag would be an excellent choice for those always on the go. You can easily adjust their length according to your body so that they sit securely within arm’s reach. Another speciality of a sling bag is that they allow you to use your hands freely without the bag obstructing in any way.
  • There is a reason that working women love the unstructured tote bag. With the likes of Prada and Chanel offering timeless minimalist styles, totes easily complement outfits from all cultures and demographics. Totes also allow one to carry electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets etc. with the utmost ease.
  • Clutches and ethnic potli bags make for great handbag options when going to a party where you need a bag as a mere accessory.
  • Backpacks and fanny packs are ideal if you prefer a hands-free bag option. These are also a great alternative to handbags when travelling where you may need some pocket-change handy.
  • The Carrie Bradshaw inspired baguette-style will be spacious enough to hold a lipstick, smartphone and some cash without having to weigh you down.

Top 20 Handbag Brands for Women

1. AND

AND brand has been known for producing premium quality clothing and accessories for quite a few years now. The brand has loyal customers scattered across India that religiously shop from the label especially during the sale season. AND handbags feature intricate designs, latest trends such as colour-blocking, stud detailing etc. and a waterproof inner-lining featuring the AND logo. The exterior of the bags is pretty sturdy and needs no maintenance whatsoever. The handbag brand offers satchels, sling bags, structured and shoulder bags that are multi-functional and super stylish.

2. Ginger By Lifestyle


Ginger By Lifestyle is another handbag brand that has taken the social media and fashion influencers by storm. Their collection of bags features some of the most quirky designs with tassels, satin scarf detailing, funky decorative zippers, and intricate weaving. The handbags are spacious with plenty of pockets to hold all of your necessities when travelling to work or taking a flight. The collection has some printed backpacks, self-design purses and bedazzled handbags. We highly recommend having at least one of these bags in your wardrobe.

3. CODE By Lifestyle


CODE is another range of handbags from Lifestyle that sells monochromatic office-appropriate handbags. The bags have a clean look. The minimalistic designs and multiple compartments help keep your essentials segregated and easily accessible. You can explore all kinds of solid colors with interesting closure mechanisms and a high-quality finish. If you are a working professional, this is the brand you need to check out.


ONLY is one brand that offers some of the most sophisticated handbags for working women. The bags are extremely stylish, featuring unconventional details incorporating eyelets, studs, beadwork, velvet panelling and many more eye-catching details. One consistent feature of all ONLY handbags is that they will last you a very long time with little to no maintenance. Remember to get your very own piece at the first opportunity. Explore among a wide array of tote, shoulder and sling bags for the workplace and formal events.

5. Allen Solly

Allen Solly

They have always delivered sturdy women’s accessories and apparel for Indian women. This brand of Women’s handbags is built from a variety of fabrics and synthetic materials, including leather, canvas, suede and other synthetic blends. One thing to note is that the structure of handbags is their strength, making them a great investment piece for the workplace.

6. Levi’s

If you are looking for an off-the-runway piece, then Levi’s is the handbag brand for you. Their range of casual bags is an excellent fit with your vintage Levi’s high-rise jeans and a basic white tee. The range offers some unexpected designs with banana printed fanny packs, drawstring backpacks in neon colours, embossed coin wallets, visit Baggit and so many more quirky options that fit into the world of street style fashion. You can also find the most trending handbag style for 2020, the saddlebag on Levi’s. There is nothing more iconic than Levi’s logo, and each bag from the range is embellished as a reminder.

7. Vero Moda

Vero Moda is every formal-wear lover’s sacred heaven. The brand is synonymous for its elegant formal handbags with stunning minimalistic detailing along with equally fancy clothes for women. Vero Moda handbags in brown, tan, black and hues of navy blue are an incredible match with cigarette pants and a puffy-sleeved blouse. You can also explore the impressive wallet collection to hold all your cash and cards. You can also find matching sets of tote bags and wallets to keep things looking harmonious and in sync.

8. Lee Cooper

Who said Lee Cooper is only known for their impeccable jeans? Lee Cooper also comes under the category of the best handbag brands for women. The label sells some of the most classy faux leather bags you can buy when online shopping. The bags feature a soft outer leather-like body and a waterproof inner lining. You can find some very compact sling and gym bags from this collection and step out in style on your next trip to the gym. For the stylish gents out there, give Lee Cooper a shot if you are planning to replace your wallet.

9. American Tourister

What was once a notable manufacturer of luggage bags, transitioned into selling quirky casual backpacks for the fashionable young generation. Each bag features funky lettering and prints that add a lot of interest when paired with any outfit. Find top-notch quality along with expensive materials, and travel in style.

10. Catwalk

Catwalk offers a diverse collection of modern-leather looks that include distressed, bleached and worn-out vintage leather. Each bag is built from rich-quality authentic leather so that they can easily last you upto a lifetime. Catwalk offers handbags, shoulder bags, messenger bags, satchels, laptop bags, totes and purses in leather.

11. Baggit


Baggit is recognised as one of the most affordable luxury handbag brands in India. Some of the high-quality materials feature faux leather, canvas and other fabrics. The build quality, design and a stunning array of vibrant coloured handbags add just the right amount of chic and sophistication. If you are craving for some luxury handbags in unique abstract prints, that are both multi-functional and stylish, pay Baggit a visit.

12. Caprese


Another luxury handbag brand that has generated quite a hype is Caprese handbags. Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan are the celebrities that have endorsed the brand. Their range for bags allows you to keep your life organised into colourful structured bags, exquisite sling bags and huge totes. If you want a handbag that can transition from a rainy morning to a hot evening, Caprese is the brand for you. Discover a plethora of options in an exotic array of colours to match your every mood and lifestyle.

13. Lavie


One question that many women have is ‘will a particular brand fit in with their lifestyle?’. Lavie is one such brand that caters to all your needs, whether you are a doting housewife or a hardcore working professional. Lavie bags range from structured shoulder bags, spacious sling bags, comfortable tote bags and peppy wallets. You can choose bags that will fit perfectly into your everyday life and can easily transition from day to night. Find bags that are great for running errands and still stylish enough to take to casual parties and a day out with friends.

14. David Jones


Many women believe a great handbag is one that can hold their entire life. That is precisely why David Jones handbags are so popular. David Jones has realised that a handbag must be compartmentalised, reliable, and fit everything accessible at arm’s length. Furthermore, the variety of bags is bound to bring an end to your search for the perfect handbag. At David Jones, you can find a top-notch quality, intricate design and bags in different hues, shapes and sizes. Thus, we can say without a doubt that you can find a David Jones handbag that fits into your lifestyle seamlessly and keep you organised.

15. Bossini

Bossini handbags is another extraordinary drool-worthy range of bags that blends seamlessly with a modern woman’s wardrobe. The range of soft fabric bags designed especially for travelling, running errands or a casual day of shopping. You can also find superhero and cartoon-themed bags that can be styled with a casual tee and mom jeans.

16. Fame Forever

If you are a backpack person, then Fame Forever is perfect for you as it is a mix of casual and chic. The label offers faux leather backpacks featuring colour-block detailing, fancy zippers, velvet panelling and metallic hardware. The bags are bulky and quite spacious, making them the ideal backpacks for travelling and hiking since the hard outer texture can survive the roughest of terrains.

17. Toniq


Toniq handbags are a minimalist’s dream come true. Each bag is designed with one focus element either stitched on or attached. Some elements include a woven crochet or tweed panel, attached metallic handles and drawstring details. Some bags also feature a double closure to keep all of your belongings secure. Ensure to grab one piece from this collection if you are a die-hard lover of sling bags and adore everything minimal.

18. Lino Perros

Lino Perros is another premium handbag range in India. The brand offers high-quality and exclusive designs for casual and formal events. Each bag is well-finished, designed from premium rich fabrics, and tough metallic hardware in a plethora of shades. The labels allow you to shop for a cross-body, satchels, fanny, totes and shoulder bags at throw-away prices. If you would love to invest in a bag, Lino Perros is the brand to go for.

19. Sky Bags

This is another range of travel bags under the parent company VIP. But their luggage bags are not only popular for bags with outstanding durability, but also their high-design and vibrant colour palettes. As a fashionable college-goer, sky bags is the perfect brand to opt for. You can find an incredible collection of funky backpacks that are well sectioned to accommodate the weight of heavy books and electronic gadgets.

20. Hidesign

Hidesign is one of the top-most handbag brands in the world. Their products are high-design, chic and extremely sophisticated for the workplace. Similar to other luxury brands, Hidesign can be slightly on the pricey side, but the quality received is absolutely worth the investment. That is it for our top 20 best handbag brands for women. We hope you can now take a call when online shopping for a handbag which fits your needs and is excellent for putting your coin in.

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Disha Shetty
Disha Shetty
2 years ago

It’s challenging to choose bags because every handbag brand is famous and well established in its way.
After reading this blog, I mostly prefer baggit.
As the blog also suggests, it’s affordable and easy to carry anywhere, and as it has the trendiest designs with unique abstract prints, you can style it with both traditional and western clothes.
So, this blog about top handbag brands added value to my shopping decisions.
Very well-written!

Last edited 2 years ago by Disha Shetty
Zeel Patel
Zeel Patel
2 years ago

The list of best handbag brands here, helped me big time to shop for my sister’s birthday gift, as I do not have much knowledge of handbags.

Janvi Roy
Janvi Roy
2 years ago

This blog has one of the best handbag brands mentioned in its list and I can’t wait to shop for them.

Sanjana Gupta
Sanjana Gupta
2 years ago

This blog has helped me learn about the best handbags brands in detail. Can’t wait to shop from them!

Simran Sonik
Simran Sonik
1 year ago

Most articles have only upto 5 brands listed but this article has more than 15 Best Handbag Brands, quite impressive! The article is also really well written and the tips helped me a lot. 

Japleen Kaur
Japleen Kaur
1 year ago

This article is very informative and I love that rather than having a list of just 4-5 it has a list of TWENTY Best Handbag Brands.

Arsh shaikh
Arsh shaikh
1 year ago

Handbags are my biggest weakness and I absolutely loved reading this piece and about all the Best Handbag Brands! A must read in my opinion.

Kritika Singh
Kritika Singh
1 year ago

Handbags are my best friend and I keep looking for some handbags every alternate months! I have many different brand handbags but I didn’t knew that caprese is one of the best handbag brands, I checked their collection after reading this and got myself a great shoulder bag