Home Accessories Invest in Different Types of Bags and Give Your Style a Face-lift

Invest in Different Types of Bags and Give Your Style a Face-lift

Types of bags

Bags are one utility item that has stood the test of time. While the original iterations of bags were tailored from animal hide, the modern ones feature a variety of materials stitched together to form a stylish yet useful fashion accessory. In addition, there are various types of bags offered for different purposes- some solely to act as another element of your outfit. In contrast, others help carry heavy electronic gadgets, school supplies and other items.

With a plethora of styles, patterns and designs in the market, the quality of different types of bags can sometimes be questionable. That is where Lifestyle Stores come to your rescue. The online and offline store is associated with selling authentic, branded, and premium quality apparel, accessories, bags, and more, that too, at budget-friendly prices. With a stunning collection of different types of bags, Lifestyle Stores is your best friend.

Types of Bags for Men



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When we talk about men’s bags, a fun backpack with multiple compartments comes to mind. This style of bag has gained popularity in recent years as it offers ample storage space without compromising on the look or comfort when strapped on the shoulders. Another aspect of utility backpacks is that they are designed using premium quality fabrics and materials that provide them with the strength and durability to carry heavy objects to work or while travelling.



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Add a subtle flair to your look by donning a utility backpack from Lifestyle Stores. The online and offline platform offers a wide selection of men’s backpacks featuring fun prints, designs, and multiple compartments to store all essentials. Some of the most popular brands featured on the platform include Wildcraft, Skybags, American Tourister, Code and more.

AMERICAN-TOURISTER-Printed-Zip-Closure-Backpack - Types of bags


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Tip: Backpacks that are comfortable, spacious, and easy to maintain make for some of the best men’s accessories. So ensure you read the product descriptions carefully and pick a piece that fits your dimension needs, is easy to maintain and clean. Also, stray away from materials that may require high maintenance as they may not last long.

Types of Bags for Women

BAGGIT-Reptilian-Pattern-Backpack - Types of bags


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Accessories, including bags, have evolved owing to how fashion has evolved. The Elizabethan Era came up with a sewn-on pocket belt design to act as a utility storage piece. It was to be concealed under the bulky hoop skirt- a trend of the time. As the fashion industry transitioned towards slimming silhouettes, it posed a problem as these belts could no longer be concealed. Thus arose the concept of a handbag.

CAPRESE-Women-Striped-Zip-Closure-Backpack - Types of bags


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Handbags constitute one of the best women’s accessories. Women have always been fascinated with the power of structured accessories. With several international celebrities owning at least one luxury designer handbag, why should you be far behind? Lifestyle Stores brings you access to some of the finest handbag brands with the likes of CODE, Lavie, Caprese, Baggit and more. Thus, you have plenty of options when it comes to shopping for different types of handbags.

CODE-Women-Solid-Backpack - Types of bags


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But, that is not all. The platform also offers a variety of structured clutches, sling bags, comfortable backpacks, and many such options to ensure you are always ready with a fabulous bag to suit the occasion or purpose. Moreover, you can be assured that a bag delivered from Lifestyle Stores is packed with lots of love, tailored from premium materials, and built with high-quality fabrics.

LAVIE Textured Perforated Backpack - Types of bagsClick here to buy LAVIE Textured Perforated Backpack


Tip: Bags tailored from high-quality leather make for great investment pieces as they can survive for several decades, especially with regular polishing and conditioning. They are also quite easy to pair with just about any aesthetic or personal style.

Shop for Different Types of Bags on Lifestyle Stores

Accessories can make a world of difference to your entire look. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to pick out pieces such as bags and jewellery that are efficient, appealing and functional without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Not only does the Lifestyle online shopping store curate high-quality bags for men, women and children, but it also features on-trend styles like duffles, messenger, satchels, totes and various other products. Furthermore, the platform has graced women with the top 20 handbag brands that cater to the latest fashion trends.

We hope you enjoyed reading and gathered some information on the different types of bags you can grab on Lifestyle Stores. Remember to make the most of their premium selection of high-design bags and avail the perks of prompt shipping, hassle-free returns, and quick refunds – all from the comfort of your home.

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9 months ago

Never knew that there were so many types of bags available for everyone today. Genuinely impressed with the information mentioned in this blog article. Especially the quick tips that make the buying process easier.

Disha Shetty
Disha Shetty
8 months ago

This blog article has every bit of information about essential to stylish types of bags. I am so glad that I came across this article as I was thinking of purchasing a bag that can meet my basic requirements and look classic. Now I know which one I have to get for myself!

Nimisha Raut
Nimisha Raut
2 months ago

Before reading this I had no idea that there are so many types of bags that you get in the market. This is surely going to make my shopping spree more fun.

Aarushi Kapadia
Aarushi Kapadia
1 month ago

I am glad that i came across this blog as it helped me get a gist of the types of bags, from essential backpacks to structured bags that the store has, along with tips at the very end of each type, making it easier for me to understand before ordering a product.