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Top 10 Different Types of Bra that Every Woman Should Know About


When women are able to find a super comfortable, supportive, and stylish bra, it’s a moment of pure joy! Isn’t that true, ladies? If you nodded yes, then let us introduce you to all the different types of bra that you can wear under different clothing styles. Let’s take a sneak peek into the different kinds of staple and modern bras you should know about to style outfits perfectly. 

A Different Bra for Every Look

The right bra can elevate the appearance of your attire, whereas the wrong one can break the look of your entire outfit. This is the reason why every woman should be well versed with all types of bra styles available in stores, and choose the one according to their ensembles.

1. Tshirt Bra

TRIUMPH Printed T-shirt Bra

Click here to Buy TRIUMPH Printed T-shirt Bra

These are a must-have and a style staple for your lingerie drawer. Whether you are wearing a top, sweater, or an ethnic dress, T-shirt bras go with everything! They offer support, comfort, and coverage to you. At Lifestyle Stores, you can find hundreds of T-shirt bras in a plethora of shades and designs, including padded, non-padded, wired, and non-wired. To get something that will go with most of your clothes, opt for a beige or nude T-shirt bra.

2. Balconette

ENAMOR Textured Balconette Bra - Types of Bra

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Sometimes also known as a shelf bra, balconettes have wider straps and offer a natural lift, giving your body a naturally contoured look. You can wear this bra under low-cut tops, dresses, or T-shirts as they have a décolleté (deep and low) neckline. 

3. Sports Bra

JOCKEY Solid Padded Sports Bra - Types of Bra

Click here to buy JOCKEY Solid Padded Sports Bra

Fitness has become quite essential for everyone, but are you gym-ready when it comes to the bra? If you don’t own a sports bra yet, consider this your cue! An everyday bra doesn’t provide the support you need when performing any kind of physical activity. And this is where sports bras come into the picture. Browse through stylish, designer, and all types of sports bras on Lifestyle Stores to begin your fitness journey today!

4. Minimizer

AMANTE Solid Non-Padded Minimizer Bra - Types of Bra

Click here to buy AMANTE Solid Non-Padded Minimizer Bra

These types of bra provide the ultimate support, full coverage, and even help create the appearance of a smaller bust when paired with certain pieces of clothing. Minimizers also smoothen side and back bulges, giving your body an even and proportionate look under fitted garments, such as button-down shirts or a bodycon dress. 

5. Push-up Bra

AMANTE Padded Lace Push-Up Bra - Types of Bra

Click here to buy AMANTE Padded Lace Push-Up Bra

If your style is hot and happening, then just go for this bra. As the name suggests, they are designed in a certain way to push your breasts upwards and move them close together for an enhanced cleavage.  Lifestyle Stores offer you printed, solid, and lace push-up bras in various colour combinations. 

6. Plunge Bra

GINGER Solid Non-Wired Plunge Bra - Types of Bra

Click here to buy GINGER Solid Non-Wired Plunge Bra

These are demi-coverage bras that have a low and deep U- or V-neckline along with an upward push-up, which creates a seamless look when wearing low-cut dresses, gowns, tops, tunics, etc.

7. Bralette

GINGER Solid Padded Bralette

Click here to buy GINGER Solid Padded Bralette

These bras are suitable for both inner and outerwear. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with a bralette! Choose from beautiful options with lace detailing in various colours only on Lifestyle Stores. Explore transparent straps and halter-neck bralettes to accentuate the look of an open-button shirt or over a loose-fitting T-shirt. Bralettes are definitely a valuable addition to your lingerie collection. 

8. Cami Bra

ENAMOR Solid Padded Cami Bra

Click here to buy ENAMOR Solid Padded Cami Bra

These bras are a perfect blend of functionality and style—they are supportive just like a bra but also offer the coverage of a camisole. They have high necklines, which conceal cleavage under deep-neck outfits. You can style them either as a bra or a top. Cami bras can also be a part of your loungewear and can be worn in multiple other ways, making them a worthwhile investment.

9. Feeding Bra

TRIUMPH Feeding Bra

Click here to buy TRIUMPH Feeding Bra

Also referred to as maternity or nursing bras, this type of bra has moulded cups made out of soft and lightweight material, helping accommodate the breast shape and size changes during pregnancy. The cups of feeding bras feature easily removable flaps that you can unclip for breastfeeding your baby. 

10. Multiway Bra

TRIUMPH Floral Lace Padded Multiway Bra

Click here to buy TRIUMPH Floral Lace Padded Multiway Bra

Walk your way in confidence in fashionable off-shoulder tops, corsets, and more, with the super flexible multiway bra. The detachable straps of these bras can be converted into many styles, making it easier for you to wear it under various outfits. Having a multiway bra ensures you don’t have to look for different types of bra for each type of clothing. You can also convert it into a strapless bra or attach transparent straps to make them less visible. 

Shop Different Modern Types of Bra on Lifestyle Stores

At Lifestyle Stores, you don’t have to pick one from either style or comfort as we offer you a comprehensive selection of bras from the best lingerie brands. So, shop for the best types of bra on our platform and feel good about yourself inside and out! Remember to measure your bust size every now and then to find the perfect fit for yourself. You can also browse different types of bra cups and sizes in the best styles at Lifestyle Stores. Also, make sure to check the sizing guide to measure your bra size correctly. 


Which type of bra is best?

It depends on your comfort, style preferences, and outfit requirements. Having the correct size is more important than the type of a bra. Generally, for extra support, you can opt for underwire bras, whereas if you are looking for comfort, you should go for non-wired bras. 

How many types of bra are there?

There are various parameters when talking about the types of bra. Based on construction, it is primarily divided into four: padded, non-padded, wired, and non-wired. Based on coverage, there are three categories: low, medium, and high. And when talking about the different styles of bra, there are more than eight.   

Which bra is best for sagging breasts?

Some of the best bras for sagging breasts are:

  1. Balconette bras
  2. Push-up bras
  3. Plunge bras

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Sakshi verma
Sakshi verma
2 years ago

Most people do not know much about the different types of Bras that you get in the market. And I feel that reading such articles and keeping yourself informed is really helpful.

Alisha Singh
Alisha Singh
1 year ago

This article is you guide to understand the different Types of Bras you get in the market. It is without any doubt your shopping guide.

Devika Gandhi
Devika Gandhi
1 year ago

This blog helped me find different types of bras and made it easier for me to choose the correct bra depending on my outfits.

Sunita Sharma
Sunita Sharma
1 year ago

Knowing different types of bras are crucial and articles like this come in handy while stepping out for shopping.