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UpYour Drip Game With Hot & Comfy Crops Tops From Lifestyle

printed crop top

Once a popular trend in the 1990s, crop tops found their way back into the fashion world in 2005 thanks to pop icons like Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. Crop tops have made a massive comeback.! after being on the periphery for most of the last few decades. Crop tops have once again become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. There is plenty of different type of crop top on the market right now. Chances are if you have an idea for a particular type of crop top in your mind, it’s probably already on display somewhere, waiting for you to spot it. 

Let’s look at the different kinds of crop tops available now.

Different Types of Crop Tops You Can Find in India

Crop tops originally appeared in the fashion scene in the late 1930s and 40s. However, they gained popularity in the 60s and 70s when the counterculture movement flourished. That’s when we began to see types of crop tops with names, as celebs and musicians began to rock them. So, let’s look at all the different types of crop tops available with names

1. Peplum Crop Tops

Peplum Crop Tops

You probably already know what peplum tops are. Peplum crop tops are just like any other crop top except for their r length. Pair them with denim from any of the top denim brands in India, a skirt, or a trouser, and heels to pull off a super chic, casual look for a nice day out. 

2. Desi Crop Tops

Desi Crop Tops

Desi crop tops, as the name suggests, are designs emerging from within the country. Seeing the popularity of crop tops rise in recent years, some of the top Indian clothing brands have created amazing designs that suit Indian climates the best. From relaxed everyday wear tops to exclusive festive wear, you can find just about any type of crop top on Lifestyle.

3. Denim Crop Tops

denim crop top

Denim can never go out of style, and the same is true for crop top styles as well. That’s why some of the top jeans brands in India have created stylish denim crop tops for you. You can pair denim crop tops with denim pants, a pair of shorts, or a skirt to look your glamorous best for a relaxed day out.

4. Oversized Crop Tops

Oversized Crop Tops

Think of a T-shirt a few sizes bigger than you, and its length cut in half, you’ve got an oversized crop top. These types of crop tops are the go-to when you want to feel relaxed and comfortable on a hot summer day. What’s best is, these can be paired with just about anything: long skirts, short skirts, capris, denim, or trousers.

5. Shirt Type Crop Tops

Shirt Type Crop Tops

A shirt-type crop top is another crop top that is the same as a shirt but a few inches shorter. Shirt crop tops have become popular in recent years after fast fashion brands brought them back into trend.

6. Printed Crop Tops

printed crop top

As the name suggests, these types of crop tops are the most common ones you can find. These tend to be grouped under the best women’s tees as they tend to double as a comfortable t-shirt that you can pull on anything you’re feeling that dressing up is too much effort. 

Shop Till You Drop for the Hottest Crop Tops in Town at Lifestyle

At Lifestyle, you can find any types of crop top you can think of. From modern ethnic to classic styles, you can find several thousand products to add oomph to your wardrobe. If crop tops aren’t your thing, you can look for several types of western dresses to look your sophisticated best. That’s not all, you can also look for many types of ethnic wear if the desi girl in you is pushing for an outfit that’s closer to home.


What are the types of crop tops?

From peplum and shirt crop tops to off-shoulder crop tops and henley crop tops, there are more than 50 plus types of crop tops for you to try out.

What are the different ways to wear crop tops?

Crop tops go well with almost anything. You can pair them with a trouser, denim, shorts, or different types of skirts. There’s no limit to what you can wear crop tops with.

How many types of tops are there?

There are easily hundreds of different types of tops available, from top clothing brands in India. For instance, a quick search for tops on Lifestyle Stores would give you over 3500+ results, ranging from many types of ethnic wear to tunics, crop tops, fusion tops, etc.

What body shape can wear crop tops?

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to body shapes and pulling off crop tops. Make yourself feel good by dressing however you want.

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