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20 Different Types of Handbags to Carry Throughout the Season

Types of Handbags

While the style of any wardrobe is certainly important, a perfect balance between fashion and functional is what makes up the best ones. You can accomplish this footing just right with various types of handbags. 

Types of Handbags to Get Started With

Here are the best 20 different types of handbags that you can get started with.

1. Bucket Bags

BAGGIT Women Solid Bucket Bag - Types of Handbags

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Bucket Bags are shaped in a cylindrical style with a drawstring closure, this is a type of sling bag. The design highly resembles a bucket.

2. Clutches

CODE Women Shimmery Clutch with Detachable Strap - Types of Handbags

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This purse for women is usually designed in a rectangular shape with multiple compartments and no straps. Clutches are also available in different types like the evening clutch and are ideally held in the hand.

3. Cross Body Bags

CODE Women Quilted Shoulder Bag

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As the name suggests, these types of handbags have a long strap with an attached purse that goes across your body and rests on your waist.

4. Tote Bags

CODE Women Colourblocked Zip-Closure Tote Bag - Types of Handbags

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Tote bags for women are a functional and trendy choice. Made of cloth, this is unfasted, this handbag for girls has two straps. You can also find tote types of jute bags for maximum durability.

5. Shoulder Bags

GINGER Women Embellished Shoulder Bag - Types of Handbags

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These are handbags for women with short straps that go over your shoulders attached to a medium or large-sized purse.

6. Hobo Bags

FASTRACK Women Textured Hobo Bag - Types of Handbags

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Characterised by its crescent shape, this variety of handbags is made from flexible and supple materials that often tend to slump.

7. Envelope Bags

LAVIE Women Textured Envelope Tri-Fold Wallet - Types of Handbags

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True to their name, these types of handbags are designed to resemble envelopes with a rectangle shape and a triangle flap. These are often attached to a long sling.

8. Coin Purses

CODE Women Colourblocked Flap-Closure Sling Bag with Coin Purse - Types of Handbags

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This is a purse specifically developed to keep your coins in order. Small in size, these are adorned with buckles, chains, twisted buckles, or even velcro closures.

9. Satchel Bags

LAVIE Women Magnetic Closure Party Satchel Handbag - Types of Handbags

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Ideally spacious and sturdy, these types of handbags are designed to carry books. Attached to a long and broad strap, you can wear this in different ways.

10. Laptop Bags

CODE Women Textured Laptop Bag

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Laptop bags are made to protect your laptop at all times. With a strong outer material and compartments for laptop essentials.

11. Backpack Bags

CAPRESE Women Textures Backpack

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A practical must-have, backpacks are worn on the back with two straps over the shoulders. This is essentially a sack used to carry many items.

12. Box Clutches 

CODE Shimmery Box Clutch

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This is a type of ladies purse that looks as well as opens like a box. As this is a fancy option, it is quite ideal for party occasions.

13. Messenger Bags

SKYBAGS Astro Extra 04 Printed Backpack with Messenger Bag

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These bags are the practical types of handbags styles equipped with a large bag at the end of a long strap which was initially used by messengers.

14. Pouches

GINGER Women Printed Pouch

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Pouches, or pouch bags, are small to average in size and can be used for makeup, travel or even edible essentials when heading out.

15. Sling Bags

CODE Women Solid Sling Bag with Bow Detail

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One of the most comfortable options, sling bags are types of handbags designed to be worn comfortably with the sometimes detachable straps and small bags. Some of the most loved types of sling bags include previously mentioned bucket bags, cross body bags and more.

16. Vanity Bags

BAGGIT Solid Zip-Closure Vanity Bag

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Typically used to carry cosmetics, these types of handbags are spacious with multiple compartments and two types of straps to keep your belongings in order.

17. Handheld Bags

LAVIE Women Textured Zip Closure Handheld Bag

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These types of handbags are adorned with two small straps that are meant to be held by hand, hence the name.

18. Flap Bags

CODE Women Quilted Flap Closure Handbag

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Flap bags are known as such for their typical flap closures. This can refer to bags of different sizes, more often than not very functional options with inside and outside pockets.

19. Bowler Bags

BAGGIT Solid Zip Closure Bowling Bag

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Tailored with adequate sized straps, bowler bags are generally slipped up from your forearm to your elbow. These types of handbags have multiple compartments both inside and outside the bag, making them ideal for daily use.

20. Drawstring bags

FASTRACK Women Textured Drawstring Closure Sling Bag

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Similar to backpacks in design, these are bags with drawstring closure. This helps you carry your essentials in style along with shoulder straps.

Shop for the Best Types of Handbags Online

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What is the most popular style of handbag?

There are many popular types of handbag styles, the most recent ones ranging from tote bags, shoulder bags to sling bags. Regardless of the outfit, you can never go wrong with these.

How do I choose a handbag?

Keep in mind the occasion you want to choose a handbag for and go with the classic types of bags to ensure you can use it more than just once. You should also take into consideration the space and number of compartments available to ensure your essentials are always well organised.

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Vidhi patel
Vidhi patel
1 year ago

I had never read such a well-researched article before, and I am so glad I came across this while searching for the perfect gifting option! Lifestyle always has to be articles when it comes to men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion.

Amisha Singh
Amisha Singh
1 year ago

This blog is the guide to gift the best Types of Handbags to yourself.

Sarthak Chopra
Sarthak Chopra
1 year ago

I had been using the same Type of Handbags all my life! I am definitely going to upgrade my collection with the help of this piece.

Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma
1 year ago

Being a girl I never realised that there are so many Types of Handbags available. My recent favourite handbags are tote bags and sling bags. It almost goes with all my outfits.