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Types of Men’s Jeans: A Complete Guide

Levi's Men Stonewashed Jeans - types of jeans for men

Many people are new to the fact that jeans, as an item of clothing, actually originated in 1873, patented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss. Ever since, people rapidly started using men’s jeans as the garment that went perfectly with any outfit. Jeans have a very rich history of going through countless fashion trends that are still very much alive. The fabric itself started being used to make many other clothing items such as jackets, skirts, shirts, etc. Jeans are very deeply rooted in the history of fashion and for that, we can all be grateful. Even today, a wardrobe cannot really be called a wardrobe without a few pairs of jeans in it. However, it is also somehow pretty difficult to find the right pair of jeans for you. Hopefully, this guide proves to be helpful.

Different Types of Jeans for Men on Lifestyle Stores

Many types of jeans for men are available in many different types that make for the best outfits when worn right. Listing below some different types of jeans for men from Lifestyle that are absolute must-haves for anyone who likes to look good:

1. Slim Fit:

LEVI'S 511 Stonewashed Slim Fit Jeans

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These jeans have a very sleek look to them as they are tight fitted from the hip to the ankle. They are a popular choice of men’s jeans that are worn every day by many. Slim fit jeans are essentially meant to show off your body. Slim fit is one of the best Types of Levi’s jeans so if you are looking for some good options at affordable prices, it’s the brand for you.

2. Regular Fit

JACK & JONES Men Stonewashed Regular Fit Jeans - Types of jeans for menShop Now 

Regular fit jeans have a straight fit from the hip to the thigh and flare out for a comparatively large leg opening from under the thigh. They bunch up at the end & are one of the best types of jeans for men that are somewhere between the muscular and skinny body shapes.

3. Tapered Fit

FORCA Men Stonewashed Slim Tapered Fit Jeans

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This is one of the most comfortable types of jeans for men. They are loose and cosy throughout the leg area and taper off at the end to form a fit-end appearance. These jeans have a very casual vibe to them but can also be styled to look fancy. If you are planning to buy tapered fit jeans, go for Lee Cooper’s tapered models.

4. Distressed/Ripped Jeans

SPYKAR Men Distressed Slim Tapered Jeans - Types of Jeans for Men

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Ripped jeans have an edgy look to them as they have rips either on the knees or throughout the pant area. This type of jeans is easily one of the most popular and evergreen jeans trends. Spykar is one of the best-distressed jeans brands so do check it out.

5. Stonewash Jeans

DENIMIZE Men Stonewashed Slim Fit Jeans

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Among the different types of jeans for men, these jeans have a unique worn-out look to them that highly appeals to many people. These newly manufactured stonewashed jeans have certain perks like softness, comfort, increased flexibility, etc. As the name suggests, this process involves large stones to give the fabric a rough look.



How do I Choose a Pair of Jeans?

Choosing the right pair from the various available types of jeans for men is a tricky part of using them but it can be simplified if you focus on a few important aspects. They are:

Fit: Different types of jeans for men look good on different people but you have to make sure you have the right fit. It should not be too tight or too loose. Take a stretch and focus on easy breathability and comfort.

Fabric: It is important to go with fabrics that are soft on your skin as rough fabrics can cause chafing and rashes.

Details: Focus on the pockets, the zippers, stitching and cuffs. The pocket area should be clean, too much branding can give it a messy look. Look for loose threads or stitching and make sure there are none. The cuff of your jeans should also look neat when rolled up so experiment with these things before spending your money on it.

Where should You Buy Men’s Jeans from?

Lifestyle stores are as good as they get, not only for top jeans brands in India but also for other top clothing brands in India, including H&M, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Lee, Adidas and more. They have shipping policies that include assurance of quick delivery within 2-3 business days and free shipping on orders above ₹999. It also allows you to choose your product online and purchase it after testing it out from your nearest Lifestyle store that can be located through their store locator.

This wedding season, they have made gifting easier with their E-Gift card that allows you to gift any amount of shopping money to whoever you’d like. Shopping from Lifestyle will give you benefits of discounts upto 70% and maximum shopping convenience. There is no better time to buy the best quality jeans men’s, so start shopping!

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Shekhar Sinha
Shekhar Sinha
11 months ago

Not being a fashion freak, I just had one type of jeans in my wardrobe. But due to the boredom & after going through the article on types of jeans for men have ordered a few pairs from the suggested brands. I’m in love with the styles & the quality is excellent.

Shray Gupta
Shray Gupta
11 months ago

I was looking to revamp my wardrobe after moving to a new city when I found this blog. The types of jeans for men mentioned in it suits my style perfectly and so I went ahead and ordered them, and luckily I’m happy with all of them.