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6 Types of Kids wear for Your Little Bundle of Joy

Types of Kidswear

Every parent wants only the best for their child. They want to dress them up in the trendiest outfits that make them the centre of every party or occasion. But the task of choosing the latest ensembles for them can seem a bit daunting simply because of the plethora of options available online.

However, there are some classic options like T-shirts, denim etc., that are guaranteed to keep your child looking trendy no matter what season or occasion. So, to help you in your search, we have curated a list of six different types of kidswear that are a perfect mix of the latest trends as well as classic styles.

Sr.No 6 Most Popular Types of Kidswear on Lifestyle
1. T-Shirts
2. Trousers
3. Skirts
4. Shorts
5. Jeans
6. Ethnic Wear


Here is the list of 6 Most Popular Types of Kidswear on Lifestyle

1. T-shirts

UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Girls Sequinned Round Neck T-shirt

First up on our list of types of kidswear is the ever-fashionable T-shirt. They are one of the more versatile clothing options available. Since they are generally made from soft and comfortable material, they are a delight for all-day wear. T-shirts also come in a wide variety of designs, prints and sleeve lengths, giving you plenty of options to choose one that suits your little one perfectly. Owing to their comfy build, they are extremely breathable and stretchable, making them a perfect outfit option for active kids. On Lifestyle, you will find a wide variety of trending t-shirts for boys and girls from popular brands to add to your shopping cart.

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2. Trousers

UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Girls Striped Pleated Trousers

Speaking of classic apparel for kids, trousers are the next item on our list of the best types of kidswear. Thanks to their casual and nonchalant look, trousers are the perfect everyday bottom wear for children. Since they are usually crafted from a masterful blend of lightweight materials, they provide no hindrance to your child’s movement.

PEPE JEANS Boys Printed Regular Fit Casual Trousers

Also, since most kids are pretty active and tend to fall and injure themselves regularly, a full-length trouser would protect them from scraping their knees.

3. Skirts

BOSSINI Girls Striped Knit Skirts - Types of KidswearNext up on our list of the best types of kidswear is the perennial must-have in every girl’s wardrobe – a skirt. They are one of the evergreen classics that provide an adorable and chic look to your little one. Because of their unmatched versatility, they can be sported to multiple occasions such as parties, schools or playdates.

Since they are available in various sizes, shapes and embellishments, you can rest assured, you will find one to suit your child.

4. Shorts

UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Girls Printed Distressed Shorts - Types of Kidswear

When looking for casual wear for children, another viable option you can consider shorts. As the name suggests, they are shorter than trousers and provide no hindrance to your child’s movements. They are generally lightweight, and you understand why it is such a favoured choice for summer clothing. Also, since shorts are unisex, they can be worn by both boys and girls. While a plethora of casual options from the best clothing brand for kids is available on our platform, you will also find variants that can be effortlessly sported in the outdoors.

5. Jeans

PEPE JEANS Boys Medium-Washed Slim Fit Jeans - Types of Kidswear

Whether you are an adult or a kid, jeans are one apparel that is a must-have in every wardrobe. Since they are made from a durable and sturdy material, they do not showcase any signs of wear and tear even with rigorous usage. Like shorts, jeans too are mostly unisex, making them an ideal pick for both boys and girls. Hence, Lifestyle brings you a dapper collection of some of the best jeans for boys and girls from top brands that cater to every need.

6. Ethnic Wear

MELANGE Girls Embroidered Blouse with Lehenga and Dupatta - Types of Kidswear

The last item on our list of the best types of kidswear is ethnic outfits. No matter how many new trends are available in the western clothing line, nothing beats the charm of traditional Indian clothing. Ideal for special occasions like sangeets, poojas and weddings, ethnic wear is the right combination of style, elegance and high-end fashion.

MELANGE Printed Kurta with Solid Pyjamas - Types of Kidswear

On Lifestyle, you will find a wide variety of ethnic wear such as kurtas, dhoti pants, churidars, lehengas waistcoats and much more for both boys and girls. The platform being home to some of the top clothing brands in India, provides you with a multitude of options for your little one.

With that, we have come to an end for our blog on the best types of kidswear. We hope that it will help you in ensuring that your Lifestyle online shopping experience is a smooth one. That is not all; you can also sign up for the Lifestyle Edge program to avail some exciting benefits. It features perks like heavy discounts on your favourite brands, free delivery of altered garments, special offers in your birthday month, and many more. So, start shopping for trendy outfits for girls and boys by signing up to Lifestyle right away!

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Rita Roberts
Rita Roberts
10 months ago

Being a masi of 2 nieces and nephews. I am kinda obsessed when I am shopping for them!! I always get confused with a whole lot of options. But this article on the types of Kidswear ideas mentioned in this blog is so cool and also trendy. I have already bookmarked this article for my next shopping spree.

10 months ago

I was looking for clothes for my daughter, this blog gave me all the necessary information regarding different types of Kidswear and now I know what I’m supposed to be looking for. The kid’s ethnic wear section is adorable and my daughter is going to look so cute in them!

devika Gandhi
devika Gandhi
6 months ago

After reading this blog I went to the lifestyle website to buy kidswear for my niece and nephew and I was so stunned with the options of types of kidswear they have! Highly recommended

Godson Fernandes
Godson Fernandes
5 months ago

So happy to find this blog article as I was looking to buy some cool outfits for my friend’s kiddo. Not only did I get an idea of picking a perfect outfit for him, but I also got to know about the different types of kidswear