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8 Different Types of Leggings Which You really need to Check Out


The versatility in any clothing collection is what makes a good wardrobe. To ensure the same, one needs to always be stocked up on clothes to wear on multiple occasions. However, as many fashion experts over the decades have reiterated, incorporating a few classic, signature pieces to your wardrobe will help you put together the best look easily. Starting off with the main essential, one just cannot go without different types of leggings in their collection. Leggings often work great as a base piece that you can use to build the rest of your look. Additionally, a variety in types of leggings are currently very much in trend.

So here are 8 different ones that you should absolutely check out:

1. Cotton Leggings 

MELANGE Women Solid Leggings Since legging type pants are typically supposed to be quite form-fitting, it is important to invest in the right fabric. One of the best types of leggings fabric is cotton, an organic fabric that you can wear all year round. It is soft on the skin and is easily washable as well. Out of all types of leggings fabrics, cotton ones will work the best for daily use.

2. Jeggings

KRAUS Women Checked Elasticated Jeggings - Types Of Leggings

As the name suggests, jeggings are a type of leggings for women that are designed to look like a pair of jeans. These are made of stronger fabrics to give that skin-tight, coarse look but with added comfort. Jeggings are the best type of leggings for those who step out every day but would like to switch to a more comfortable option from pure denim.

3. Sheer Striped Leggings

BIBA Women Striped Elasticated LeggingsA new type of leggings that have quickly become popular, sheer strips leggings, are extremely trendy right now. These look like regular leggings but with several sheer mesh strips cut across the fabric to give it a modern, chic element. 

4. Churidar Leggings

MELANGE Women Solid Churidar Leggings

Churidar leggings are typically worn with ethnic clothing and can be categorised by the multiple bangle-like folds that appear at the end of them. These are made of different types of leggings materials that are stretchy, comfortable and give you a form-fitting look. These are best suited to pair with clothing items like Kurtis, anarkalis and many more.

5. Pattern Leggings

GINGER Women Printed Elasticated Treggings

The best way to add some extra spice to your look is by switching from solid leggings to pattern leggings. You can find your favourite ones from a huge variety of subtle as well as bold prints like florals, abstracts, colour blocked, ethnic prints, etc. You can pair this with just about anything for a classic and fashionable outfit.

6. High Waist Leggings

KAPPA Women Printed Elasticated Waist Training Tights

A must-have as high waist leggings are extremely comfortable and durable. The concept is similar to that of popular high-rise denims. So, you can wear these at home to lounge around and they’re also the best yoga pants for women as they’re very flexible.

7. Ankle Length Leggings

MELANGE Women Solid Ankle-Length Leggings

Another among the classic types of leggings names one hears a lot are ankle length leggings. These leggings are one of the most popular types of bottom wear for women that end at ankles and are very versatile as well as easy to style.

8. Cropped Leggings

GINGER Women Cropped LeggingsLast but not least on this list of different types of leggings are cropped leggings. These fall a few inches above your ankles, giving you a cropped look. You can pair this with just about everything from ethnic, casual, lounge and sportswear.

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What are the best types of leggings?

The best types of leggings are just about anything that make you feel the most comfortable. Currently, cotton and spandex leggings are very much in fashion. They’re both great shaping materials that give your legs a slender look. Additionally, one can never go wrong with an abstract or camo print, no matter what the occasion is.

What is the difference between leggings and jeggings?

The difference between the two is quite minor. Leggings are usually made of softer material and come in a variety of colours. Jeggings are a type of leggings that look like denim with a printed front fly and pockets. These are also made of thicker fabrics to give you that coarse, denim feels with the comfort of leggings.

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