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Types Of Levi’s Jeans – Update Your Wardrobe With Latest Jeans

types of Levi's jeans LEVI'S Men Stonewashed Slim Tapered Jeans

Ever since Levi Strauss, the founder of this iconic company, introduced Levi’s jeans back in 1873, it greatly transformed the fashion world in ways inexplicable. With time, jeans became an essential piece in any wardrobe. The denim fabric that jeans are woven out of has given way to the production of many different types of Levi’s jeans that we all use in our day-to-day life. 

Whether it’s just another regular day or you have something special to look forward to, jeans are that one clothing item that always has your back and will provide you with the best looks. Here, with the best options, Lifestyle is a platform that has vast collections of types of jeans for men and women worth splurging on.

What are the Different Types of Levi’s Jeans?

There is no brand other than Levi that has made an impact quite as huge when it comes to jeans. Levi has transfigured over the last many decades and stayed in sync with the times. Throughout all this, we have ended up with some stunning must-have types of Levi’s jeans that will never go out of fashion. Here are the different types of Levi’s jeans online that you should take a look at:

  • Tapered Jeans : Tapered jeans are a widely popular version of flared jeans with a straight pant leg that does not stick to your leg and tapers off at the bottom. This gives your jeans a unique look that is very easy to pull off.
LEVI'S Men Stonewashed Slim Tapered Jeans - Types of levi's jeans
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  • Straight Fit : It is a cut of jeans with the same width above the knee as it is below the knees. Neither baggy nor tight, it provides adequate breathing space around the ankles. They work well on most body types.
LEVI'S Men Solid Regular Fit Jeans - Types of levi's jeans
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  • Skinny Fit Jeans : Skinny fit jeans fit very snugly throughout your leg area and end in a small opening and close around your ankles in a fit manner. They fit comfortably and allow you enough room to move. A popular choice is Levi’s jeans 511 that is the standard slim-fit variant.
LEVI'S Men Stonewashed Skinny Fit Jeans - Types of levi's jeans
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  • Regular Fit Jeans : This type of fit refers to jeans that feature a straight pant leg from waist to knees and have a large opening at the end. This makes for a uniform; straight jeans look this fit’s signature. 
LEVI's Stonewashed Regular Fit Jeans - Types of levi's jeans
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Why is Levi’s Jeans so Popular?

While many new jeans brands have cropped up, the top-notch quality of Levi jeans still holds the trust of many. The brand continues to innovate with new designs and styles that keep them relevant. By carefully making dynamism an integral part of their brand identity, Levi remains a popular brand worldwide. 

What is Levi’s Jeans Made of?

Most Levi’s jeans are created from cotton. The fabric’s softness and breathability make the jeans all-year-round apparel to wear. You can find them invariants such as cotton lycra, cotton blend and modal blend, to name a few.

What do the Different Numbers on Levis Jeans Mean?

The brand uses a signature three-digit numbering system to classify different types of Levi’s Jeans as per body shape and aesthetic. The digits for the men’s collection would categorise waist rise, seat fit, and more. Whereas the digits in women’s collection signify fit around waist and hips, leg shapes, cuts, etc. Fashion is a part of us that always allows us to express ourselves in creative ways. Products like Levi’s jeans provide you with the basics you need to build your fashion sense. You should stock up on all the types of Levi’s jeans listed above as they are perfectly easy to style and comfort, making them your companions for the long run. 

Why Should You Shop Online on Lifestyle?

With Lifestyle’s affordable prices and easy shipping policies, these sustainable, top jeans brands in india for men & women are just a few clicks away. The site offers assured quick delivery and a convenient return process to make this an easy shopping experience. If you tend to have sizing or length issues with clothing, Lifestyle stores also allow you the liberty of choosing your product online and picking it up from your nearest store. This gives you enough time to check all the details and make a final decision. You can even use the platform to gift someone. In case you are confused about their preferences, get your loved ones an e-gift card. With a choice in their hands, gifting gets much simpler. Try it out for yourself, and start shopping for different types of Levi’s jeans & Top clothing brands in India right away!

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Shray Gupta
Shray Gupta
2 months ago

Levi’s Jeans have always been on top of my shopping list, but I wasn’t aware of the varied types of Levi’s jeans available. But after knowing about the same, I’m going to stock up on all the types as they are super comfortable & easy to style.

Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta
2 months ago

Levi’s has always been my go-to brand when it comes to shopping for jeans but I was bored with my regular pair of jeans. And so, this blog helped me understand the different types of levi’s jeans aiding me in making an informed decision.