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Must-Have Types of Lipsticks for Women and Girls in 2022


Shopping for makeup products, including different types of lipsticks, has become super easy. With the click of a button, you can get your hands on a wide array of lipstick formulas, brands, and application techniques to achieve the perfect pout.

Lipstick is a magical makeup essential that plays a major role in making or breaking your look. It not only adds colour to the lips but also adds tremendously to the wearer’s personality. Whether it’s a lipstick brand offering a glossy finish in a bullet form or a matte finish in a crayon, the product serves as one of the best women’s accessories.

If the world of makeup seems intimidating to you, we bring you the perfect guide to different types of lipsticks. We will be sharing our two cents on the variety of textures, formulas, and finishes offered by some of the best lipstick brands in India and abroad to best suit your needs and likings.

Types of lipsticks Based on Product Formula

Pretty much everyone remembers their mother applying lipstick out of a retractable tube. The formulation often referred to as a bullet lipstick, is an age-old product that allows easy and even application. However, as the makeup industry has progressed over time, it’s no surprise that other lipstick formulations have become more mainstream. Listed below are some of the best long lasting lipstick formulas that you can grab for yourself.

1. Bullet


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These lipsticks feature a pointed tip that allows the product to glide seamlessly on the lips without leaving any smears that can result in an uneven application. What makes these types of lipsticks truly worth the investment is their travel-friendly packaging and retractable tube formulation.

2. Crayon


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If you are looking for a formula that blends flawlessly, the crayon formulation is certainly for you.  A crayon lipstick serves the purpose of giving your lips a flush of colour that can be achieved by applying the product with just the fingers. A simple dabbing motion can result in a tint-like application that appears almost natural. What makes this moisturising lipstick even better is the fact that it doubles up as a blush and allows you to feel comfortable all day long without drying out your lips.

3. Liquid

MYGLAMM-Manish-Malhotra-Liquid-Matte-Lipstick-Mess-With-Me - types of lipsticks

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Thanks to Kylie Cosmetics, liquid lipstick is now amongst the most popular lip products of the 21st century. The package features a tube filled with product, accompanied by a doe-shaped applicator. The best liquid lipsticks are designed to dry out entirely and show next to no signs of smudging throughout the day. 

Types of Lipsticks Based on Product Finish

Another way to characterise lipsticks is on the basis of the product finish. Whether you are a fan of the matte lip trend or love a glossy finish, we can help you make the right choice with the following product list.

1. Satin

MYGLAMM-Lit-Satin-Matte-Lipstick-Kuwtk - types of lipsticks

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A satin finish lipstick is particularly designed to keep your lips moisturised without compromising on the colour intensity. A satin lipstick has a super soft texture and offers a cream-like finish upon application. The moisturising lipstick formula usually lasts a good 8 hours, so you do not need to worry about the colour fading easily.

2. Matte

MILANI-Amore-Matte-Lip-Creme-Precious - types of lipsticks

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Hop on one of the most popular lip trends of the last decade. Several lipstick brands on Lifestyle, such as KIKO Milano, Maybelline, offer their own range of matte finish lipsticks in a stunning array of colours. You can explore the best liquid lipstick formulas that are smudge-proof, long-lasting, non-drying, and nourishing.

3. Glossy

LAKME-Absolute-Women-Spotlight-Lip-Gloss - types of lipsticks

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Create a dazzling Diwali makeup look with a shimmery lipstick formulation from Lifestyle. The formula will add a subtle sheen to your lips. A glossy finish lipstick can be worn daily or over nude lipstick for some added shine, or you can apply it to intensify the look of a matte lipstick.

Shop for Lipsticks and More from Lifestyle Stores

We hope you enjoyed reading and gained some insights into the different types of lipsticks available online. Hopefully, you now feel confident in what formulation and finish perfectly suit your needs. We would highly recommend browsing through Lifestyles’ generous curation of the best makeup brands in India and abroad. 

Not only does the Lifestyle online shopping store sell top-notch quality lipsticks, but it also features translucent powders, colourful nail polishes, kajals and many such cosmetic products. Don’t forget to get your hands on the best skincare brands in India and avail the perks of prompt shipping, hassle-free returns and quick refunds – all from the comfort of your home.

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Vidhi Patel
Vidhi Patel
2 years ago

I’ve always used matte lipsticks and wanted to try other types of lipstick. Post-reading this article, I ordered the MYGLAMM Lit Satin Matte Lipstick. It looks terrific on my skin tone. Can’t wait to pair it with my outfits for the upcoming festive season

2 years ago

I have multiple lipsticks in my makeup vanity, but I was searching for a shade that goes with my complexion; while searching online, I came across this blog talking about product formulas and different types of lipstick with unique shades. So i brought COLORBAR Sinful Matte lip color which has a good matte finish

Sanjana Gupta
Sanjana Gupta
2 years ago

I struggle to find the right lipstick for me, from all the Types of Lipsticks available. Hopefully, this article helps me get the perfect shade for me whether a glossy, matte, or crayon lipstick.

Payal Rajapara
Payal Rajapara
1 year ago

Being a lipstick lover, i love to try out new lipsticks every day to look elegant. This blog has helped me with some more types of lipsticks shades and the difference between product finish and product formula. I can’t wait to try out these shades.

Priyanka Madan
Priyanka Madan
1 year ago

A lot of brands write articles on different shades of lipsticks but this is the first article I found on different types of lipsticks. Great piece, very informative and loved reading it.

Alfisha Arif
Alfisha Arif
1 year ago

I did not know there were so many different types of lipstick available! I hate applying liquid lipsticks as well as bullet ones. Now I am going to switch to crayon type which is much more convenient.