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Types of Shoes: Different types of footwear you need to know in 2022

ADIDAS Mesh Upper Lite Racer Sports Shoes

We live in a world where being aware of your fashion choices is the need of the hour. However, this school of thought has always been applicable in the case of different types of shoes as the distinction between the wrong, and the right type can be quite significant. The right type of shoes can do wonders for your overall health, whereas the wrong footwear can leave you with unwanted, long-lasting repercussions. 

What are the best types of shoes?

Listed below are some of the best types of shoes everyone should own:

1. Sneakers

Perfect for outdoor activities, the first grip, and cushioned footbed make sneakers a fantastic pair to own.

CODE Solid Loafers - types of shoes

2. Loafers

These slip-on shoes are a great match for both casual as well as formal ensembles nowadays. Their suave vibe can be attributed to the intricate designs on its leather or suede material.

GINGER Women Embellished Pointed Toe Ballerinas - types of shoes

3. Ballerinas

Inspired by footwear worn by ballet dancers, these types of shoes are great for everyday use, especially during transitional seasons. It is a hit among women especially due to many celebrities flaunting it on screen. 

CATWALK Embellished Panelled Boots - types of shoes

4. Boots

These sturdy shoes are for tough terrains, but not limited to them. Its rugged appearance has a distinct appeal that occasionally blends in the workplace but a favourite in casual surroundings. 

How to Choose a Good Pair of Shoes?

When it comes to shopping for shoes online, several factors can govern your decision making. The following tips and tricks will get you through the daunting process of shopping for different types of shoes for men and women.

  1. Understand what sizes fit you best: We cannot emphasise enough the difference of even a centimetre can make when it comes to footwear. We recommend you re-measure your foot in inches or centimetres and then pick the size as per these measurements. 
  2. When in Doubt, Size Up: If the shoes seem closed or taper towards the front, go one size bigger. In case, there is a specific mention under the product listing indicating to go down a size, always follow the guidelines.
  3. Look at the Fit: If you have a bad history with closed-toe shoes, it is very likely that a style like that may not be for you. The same applies to footwear with zippered closures. You may need to re-evaluate what style is best for your feet’ health. 
  4. Pay Attention to Sole Construction: Double-check for a flexible sole by zooming into the product pictures. A slight cushioning is always visible in a good quality shoe.

Which Are the Best Shoe Brands Offered on Lifestyle Stores?

Lifestyle Stores has always been ahead with its trendy fashion and footwear offerings. Among the several brands the label offers, here are some of our top picks that one must consider when shopping for different types of shoes for women and men.

CODE Women Solid Mules
  • CODE: This homegrown brand has established itself as one of the leading western and footwear brands for the elegant and uber-stylish urban Indian population. The label has produced some of the most comfortable open-toed sandals, mules, and ballet flats for women as well as oxfords, Derbys, and loafers for men. The sandals are constructed from premium materials, offer incredible cushioning, making them a wardrobe essential.
CATWALK Peep-Toe Wedges with Beaded Bow
  • Catwalk Shoes: Whether you are on the hunt for a pair of python print block heels or clear sandals, Catwalk is one brand that always comes through. Each pair is constructed meticulously, keeping in mind the style and comfort needs of women.
GINGER Women Solid Casual Shoes
  • Ginger: Another homegrown brand by Lifestyle that has been making splashes is Ginger. The label has always been on top of its fashion game by bringing you the latest footwear trends- from Instagram influencers and YouTubers. Each piece is constructed, keeping in that the insoles are soft, and the soles are textured to prevent slipping. 
MELANGE Jacquard Patterned Toe-Ring Flats
  • Melange: This private label by Lifestyle offers some of the most exquisite and comfortable footwear for both men and women. The label offers trendy flats, sandals and pumps that can seamlessly fit into a woman’s work and well as a casual wardrobe. 
TRESMODE Metallic Detail Pointy Toed Kitten Heels
  • Trèsmode: The label has always been associated with the term ‘urban chic’ as each type of shoe design produced by them binds quality and class beautifully. Discover well-cushioned sandals with top-notch insoles and ethnic styles bedazzled with jewels and stones from Lifestyle Stores’ brand.

Benefits of Buying the Product from Lifestyle Stores

Lifestyle Stores has always believed in allowing shoppers to make wiser fashion and makeup and home. For this very reason, filters are put into place on their website so you can browse options based on what you need. 

Moreover, the platform further adds to your online shopping experience by allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home, avail discounts during festive seasons and various referral and credit-related benefits easily. Start your hunt for the perfect footwear today, and enjoy the comfort offered by various types of shoes for women and men with Lifestyle Stores.

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Shoma Das
Shoma Das
2 years ago

After reading about the types of shoes for women, I’m very tempted to buy a few pairs of the kinds I’ve never tried. My go-to ones are usually sandals or ballerinas. Quite impressed with the information present in this article

2 years ago

The tips in this blog helped me choose the right pair of flats for the family function from the different types of shoes available. So I bought the melange sandals, which have textured soles and doesn’t even slip.