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Track Pants: The Versatile Bottom Wear

Types of track pants

If you are seeking a practical and cosy alternative for bottom wear, track pants are a fantastic substitute. Since their humble beginnings as sports gear, track pants have come a long way. Various types of track pants have since entered the realm of fashion and are now a staple of both working men’s and celebrities’ wardrobes.

Now, different types of track pants for men and women are available in a diverse range of styles. Choose from a variety of quality products in a range of prices, colours, and styles at Lifestyle. Our line-up of stylish track pants for men and women will always make you feel your best while being comfy. Whether you are scouring for a pair of gym track pants for men and women or something to laze around at home, we have got you covered.

Explore the Different Types of Track Pants 

At Lifestyle, there are distinct track pants brands and styles to choose from. There is a track pant for every taste, varying from classic cotton track pants for men and women to more contemporary athleisure designs. Here is a quick rundown of the most popular types of track pants at Lifestyle:

1. Basic Length Pants

full length track pants

Basic-length track pants are classic and widely loved. They are designed with bottom cuffs that are similar to those on most sweatpants, and they are a regular length that is neither too short nor too long.

2. Drawstring Track Pants

Drawstring Track Pants

Track pants with drawstrings are ideal if you are seeking an elastic substitute. The major windfall of the lengthy, simple-to-use drawstring is that it allows you to adjust the tightness or looseness of the pants as desired. 

3. Joggers 

joggers track pant

For more contemporary track pants, joggers are the perfect pick as they are made from a thin material like nylon or polyester. They include a fitted ankle band and a tapered leg for a comfortable fit. The looser fit of joggers makes them perfect for extended, intense workouts.

4. Relaxed Fit Track Pants 

A wardrobe must-have is a pair of relaxed-fit track pants. Their straight fit keeps you relaxed and comfortable while enabling your legs to breathe freely. Wear them to work or hike around the city.

5. Racing Track Pants 


These track pants offer various distinctive designs and colours in contrast to traditional sweatpants, which are typically plain and only come in one colour. Anyone who enjoys riding motorcycles and cars is a professional biker or racer, or just has a thing for them and needs a good pair of racing sweatpants in their wardrobe.

6. Tailored Track Pants 

Tailored Track Pants

Anyone who wishes to seem slender and stylish will find these tailored track trousers to be a perfect choice because they are tailored to match your body type. Throw on a flattering hoodie or T-shirt that reflects your personal style for the ideal look.

Give Your Track Pants a Style Update 


Both athletes and everyday wearers can benefit from a good pair of men’s track pants. There are many different types of track pants available at Lifestyle, and each one has special characteristics and advantages. Here are some ways you can style your track pants

  1. The timeless combination of a T-shirt and track pants is the ideal casual ensemble for running errands or working from home. Investing in a few high-quality basic T-shirts and women’s and men’s tracksuit bottoms will help you pull off this look. Sporting T-shirts and slim-fit track pants will keep you from looking slapdash and make you look more put-together.
  2. The desirable weekend dress code for men incorporates track pants and a denim jacket, two important items in any man’s arsenal. By pairing them with a contemporary, slim-fit T-shirt that likewise gives prominence to your body underneath, you may balance the track pants’ tapering leg.
  3. Since track pants are, in essence, casual and sporty, they look best when worn with baggy T-shirts and sweatshirts. To make the appearance more urban cool, throw on a tartan or traditional blazer over the sweatshirt and slide on a pair of classic, contemporary, or subtly vintage sneakers.

Buy Trendy Types of Track Pants at Lifestyle 

At Lifestyle, you can gain access to different types of track pants in a multitude of exotic styles and colours. Keep your ensemble conventional with solid colours, or add some drama with active colours and prints. Visit the Lifestyle website and select a pair of track pants that are suitable for your needs—relaxing, jogging, training, or working out—and we’ll ship them promptly to your residence.

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