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8 Types of Western Dresses Every Woman Should Have in 2022


In a world that looks at everything with a critical eye, fashion is a weapon that never fails to impress. Having a versatile collection of clothing items that make you feel the most like yourself is something you cannot go without. Right from basic essentials such as different types of tops for women to fancier options such as western dresses, every woman should have some of these in her wardrobe. As far as different types of western dresses go, the fashion scene is constantly overflowing with new additions for you to try out.

If you are looking to get started with the best women’s dress types, here are a few options to consider:

1. Wrap Dresses

Women Textured V-Neck Wrap Dress - Types of Western Dresses

As the name suggests, this dress has overlapping fabric that can be tied together in one place to create a flattering yet laid-back look. These types of western dresses for ladies have a very flowy texture with a lightness that is ideal for summers.

2. Mini Dresses

Women Striped Mini Dress - Types of Western Dresses

These are currently all the rage, especially in a variety of fabrics, such as cotton and silk. Available in multiple lengths and sleeve types, mini dresses typically fall on one’s mid-thigh. They are often solid in colour or decorated with sequins and embellishments for a glam look.

3. Sheath Dresses

Women Solid Sheath Dress - Types of Western Dresses

A sheath dress is typically known for its plain, simple edge. It is mostly popular for formal or business casual events. This is a type of straight-cut dress which falls below one’s knees and is nipped at the waist for a shapely silhouette.

4. Maxi Dresses

LATIN QUARTERS Women Embellishment Maxi Dress - Types of Western Dresses

Another famous summer item is a maxi dress. Simply categorised as a long dress, the hem will usually fall at your ankles. This dress is extremely lightweight and comfortable for summer. You can ideally find these in a variety of prints and patterns, such as florals. This is also a pretty popular type of Indo western dress

5. A-Line Dresses

BOSSINI Women Solid A-Line Dress

This type of western wear dress has a skirt that flares out at the waist and forms an inverted A shape – hence its name. The silhouette created by this dress is quite sophisticated and one you can never go wrong with.

6. Bodycon Dresses

GINGER Women Textured Bodycon Dress

The experience of a good party is simply never complete without an elegant bodycon dress. These dresses are designed to fit you perfectly, hugging all your curves. The fit also ensures you get a smoothened-out silhouette. You can shop for this dress in a variety of lengths, colours, and patterns.

7. Shirt Dresses

BOSSINI Women Striped Shirt Dress

Among all types of western dresses, shirt dresses have been around for a long time. They are typically knee-length and made of a fabric that falls gracefully from the shoulders. The slight shape given to this dress is by the tucks at the bust area, and you can always add a belt to the waist. You can put together the best casual as well as formal outfit ideas for women with this dress.

8. Fit and Flare Dresses

GINGER Women Solid Fit and Flare Dress

Last but not the least, fit and flare dresses are easily the most common among all the types of western dresses with names. The skirt of these dresses flares out at the waist with the top part being a close fit to the upper body. The skirt is categorised as being lightweight, adding a feminine feel to the wearer.

With these types of western dresses and other options, like different types of jumpsuits, you will surely be prepared for just about any event all year round. You can shop for these and more options online on Lifestyle – India’s biggest shopping store since 1999. Find these Lifestyle dresses at affordable ranges, made from the highest quality fabrics for maximum comfort and style. So wait no longer and start shopping right away!

You can visit Lifestyle Blog to check out Latest Fashion Trends, Clothing Ideas and Accessories for Men & Women.


What is the Western dress style?

There are many different types of western dress styles that you can shop for. This includes various modern dresses like wrap, shift, midi, mini, maxi, wrap, t-shirt, shirt, bodycon, sheath dresses, and many more. You can wear these and other types of western dresses to countless occasions, including formal and casual ones.

What do you wear to a Western dress?

You can wear a western dress to any occasion you like. Just pair your dresses with stylish footwear and flattering accessories to put together an appropriate outfit as per the event. For a playful look, you can also experiment with various types of layers or the best women’s tees worn under such dresses. 

What is Indo-Western look like?

Indo-western clothing is a separate category of clothing in itself. It represents a variety of clothing designed by fusing together the western and south-Asian clothing styles. Currently, indo-western dresses are among the most popular clothing in this category that forgo any types of leggings, styling ethnic tops as dresses. Some other popular options of an indo-western look include embroidered jackets, long ethnic skirts, short kurtis, patiala pants, and more.

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Himanshi Dalal
Himanshi Dalal
1 year ago

After wearing salwar kameez and kurtis for so long, I have been wanting to add western dresses to my wardrobe, and this was the perfect article to get me started. All of these different Types of Western Dresses are truly stunning. 

Himanshi Dalal
Himanshi Dalal
1 year ago

After wearing salwar kameez and kurtis for so long, I have been wanting to add western dresses to my wardrobe, and this was the perfect article to get me started. All of these different Types of Western Dresses are truly stunning.

1 year ago

After reading this article, I feel like an expert on different Types of Western Dresses! It explains all the different types of dresses really well, and I found the links and the answered FAQs at the end to be really helpful in finding the right dress for me.