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6 tips to take your loungewear from basic to chic

6 tips to take your loungewear from basic to chic

Gone are the days when our wardrobes were mostly made of workwear, partywear and the many things we wear when we’re headed out. Thanks to spending much of the last two years at home, most of us now have a wide range of loungewear too. From online meetings to virtual parties, it’s all been happening at home. If you want a way to continue the cosy comfort of loungewear but take it outside, this ultimate loungewear guide will get you on your way.

These 6 tips are all you need to go from basic to chic…

1. Dress in layers

Layers and outerwear are always a great way to level up your outfit, no matter what you’re wearing. You can add a bit more colour and a different texture to your outfit by topping it off with a well-thought-out layer. And that definitely holds for loungewear too.

Take some outfit inspiration from these looks. A White denim jacket can top a pair of Peach joggers and a White tie-up top. A Black t-shirt tucked into velvety Green joggers would look more stylish with a Black waist-length jacket over it.

2. Try co-ords

The co-ord trend has been on the rise for the last few years, and with comfortable clothing being at the forefront now, there are so many co-ord loungewear styles to pick from. One of the best parts about co-ord dressing is that it takes the thinking out of it. You don’t have to worry about matching separates, and you can just slip on a two-piece matching set. If you want to make it more versatile, you can play around with accessories.

ONLY’s Black co-ord set with elasticated joggers and a round neck half-sleeved t-shirt has both comfort and style going for it. The bold typographic designs add a quirky touch. You can also try Kappa’s joggers and crew neck t-shirt set in a Beige and White camouflage print.

3. Add a handbag

Regardless of how basic your outfit may look to you, a few fashionable accessories will change that in no time. Whether you’re going out for a walk or meeting your besties, a handbag will look good and come in handy to store your belongings. Opt to match or contrast your outfit depending on the look you’re going for.

A sling bag is the perfect simple, casual bag you could add to your loungewear outfit ideas. Code’s sling bag in Black with Gold embellishments is a dressy choice. A cute backpack like the Yellow textured one from Ginger is also a nice addition to your look.

4. Throw in some jewellery

If you’re not someone who wears a lot of accessories, you can still dress up your loungewear with a few subtle things. A few jewellery pieces will light up your look effortlessly. A necklace, earrings, rings, bracelet or even a watch, will go a long way in pulling your outfit together.

Toniq’s embellished bracelet set gives you a few different designs that will easily pair with most of your outfits. A statement watch will also grab attention wherever you go – the minimalistic Grey watch with a metal mesh strap from Tommy Hilfiger is elegant and sophisticated.

5. Pick dressy sneakers

Shoes play a big role in how dressy or casual your outfit will look. A pair of sandals immediately gives a more relaxed vibe, while a pair of heels looks more elaborate. If comfort is why you love loungewear so much, and you want to stay away from heels, you can still look chic by picking embellished sneakers instead of solid pairs.

The Brown lace-up shoes from Raw Hide with chunky White soles are embellished with White and Gold beading and shimmery Gold patterns. Catwalk’s Grey tie-dye casual shoes have glittering Velcro straps and heels.

6. Crop your tops

Swapping your regular tees for cropped ones is a simple trick for another easy-to-use loungewear styling tip. Teamed with baggier bottoms, a tighter silhouette crop top can really enhance your figure and emphasise the shape of your body. You can find crop tops in various designs and fabrics to keep the comfort but with extra style points.

A pair of quirky drawstring waist shorts with cartoon prints can be paired with a half-sleeved cropped hoodie. You can also club flared denims with a crew neck crop top.

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